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Everything that lives,  lives not alone nor for itself

William Blake

Nice to Meet You

Be the Change operates for a better and more equal society, and for sustainable world. We believe in the power of the individual to mobilize processes and lead social and environmental change. We also believe in the importance of personal growth and development as the first mile stone in that journey.

At Be the Change we guide and support people, organizations and communities willing to take part in an individual, community and global transformation. We are paving a new path together with dedicated people; a path that walks through the social, ecological, cultural and spiritual spheres towards sustainable development.

 We all have a choice: no one has to or should live according to pre-determined modules. Just like a river, it’s easy to get caught in the current and swept away. Yet like the tributaries spreading away from the river, there are many other ways to live; ways that are more fascinating, more daring, more just and equitable, and more enjoyable!

Living sustainably does not mean compromising your quality of life. It means living the way you wish – while maintaining and practicing a meaningful and purposeful life for a better world.

About Davida

Behind Be the Change stands Davida Ginter, a social strategist with a background in journalism and the present Processes Facilitator.
Davida received her masters degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) in Sweden, and conducts workshops in Israel and Europe.

Driven by her passion for engaging with other people, she finds inspiration in exploring how we can unleash our power to create a positive impact.  

Davida is currently based in Israel, living in a Kibbutz community with her husband Tomer, and three young curious human beings.

You are welcome to contact Davida directly at or click that link 

Be Inspired

What does the world need?

We are not going to talk about poverty, inequality, air and water pollution or health issues. Let’s be positive for a change. Let’s talk about what we need. 

We definitely need more just environmental legislation, less profit oriented actions and actions that increase our wellbeing and happiness. But first and foremost we need people to care about issues that are most important to protecting people and the planet. We need empathy, we need concern, we need more people taking action and engaging face to face instead of more Facebook “likes”. We need to change what’s wrong, and we need leaders to mobilize that change.

We don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for us – we are the leaders we have been waiting for.

What do you need to create change?

"Things do not change; we change" - Henry David Thoreau

We can argue about whether “things” change or not. Yet it has been proven that we can change our perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and our actions for improving the world. 

How do we initiate change? What is the ultimate first step to change ourselves in order to change the world? How can we identify our strengths and weaknesses, our resources of empowerment? How do we scale up our impact? Are we even asking the right questions?

Be the Change is here to guide inspired people seeking answers to these questions. We are here to support you as you inspire the world.

How would you like to be inspired?

At Be the Change we adhere to our guiding values while customizing the focus and content to meet your specific needs. Each workshop, lecture or in-depth process is tailored according to your background and motivations, whether you are an individual, an organization or a community seeking to promote awareness and grassroots initiatives.

Trainings & Workshops

Let's Talk Values

Strategic values-based communication workshop

Appealing to people’s fear, greed or ego cannot motivate lasting behavioral change. How can we convey social messages in a more effective way?

Walk the Values Talk

Advanced values-based communication

Following the basic workshop, this session provides a space for applying the theoretical knowledge and designing an adapted process

The Art of Participatory Leadership Training

Learn & practice how to create a collective sense-making process

A highly engaging training which focuses on hosting conversations that matters and tapping into the collective wisdom of organizations and large groups

We Are the Change

In-depth leadership training

At the heart of this work lies the valuable combination between the personal journey and the professional leadership mastery

Enough, For All, Forever

The story of social sustainability

We all wishing and hoping for abundance. How to make choices that meet our needs and desires, yet still consider the welfare and needs of other people?

Following the U Journey

Introduction to Theory U and deep listening

How far could we get and how bold could we be if we were not paralyzed by the voice of judgment, cynicism or fear?

Community Process Facilitation

This is where your ideas, initiatives and aspirations as a community will come alive - with the support of a facilitated process

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