Welcome and thank you for coming

This blog aims to contain various texts on topics related to social change, leadership for sustainability, and our relationships with one another, with society and with ourselves. Yet, the first text is more of an introduction to the web-site and what is Be the Change center all about.

Like many other ideas, this one also started with a nudging and demanding voice. It wasn’t an external one, which you can actually hear a person calling you. It wasn’t a metaphoric voice either, like a duwelcome-sign-760358_640 pixabayty calls you to do something you’re obliged to be doing.  It was an interior voice, kept asking me: Where are you going to? What is your life purpose?  And the most powerful question of all – What is your passion?

As a consequence, in the last couple of years I have became fascinated with two fields of art: The art of finding my top passions, and the art of asking questions. As for the last one, I have realized that the more challenging your questions are, the more authentic and courageous your answers will turned out to be, and therefore you actions too. A good question can make someone think; a great question can make someone act; a true and well timed question can make a social difference.

As for my passions – that have turned out to be a beautiful journey, whilst I have redefined my personal and professional priorities, until different pieces fell together into one place and created a clear picture where I can see my future self and my future actions.

I love to engage with people. Conversations, meaningful dialogues, discussions and even civilized debates – these are the bread and butter of my work. I enjoy conveying messages. As a former journalist and a current workshops facilitator, I am still amazed by the magic of sharing with people an “Aha moment” or crystalizing a vague train of thoughts into a clear message. And I am passionate about contributing to changing the world into a better place – a world that we will be proud living in, respecting one another and our surroundings, and alleviate different social ills, such as poverty and violence.

All of these and some more, along with the support I got from a bunch of wonderful, inspiring and dedicated people, led to establish Be the Change – a sustainability center calling for inspiring global change through personal change. I invite you to join me for this journey in any way your heart tell you to do so. Collectively we can align our passions and gifts with the vision of making a true global change.

With gratitude,