About Burning Out Won't Get You There

Busyness, judgment, resistance to change, fear of admitting failure – do changemakers have to suffer to reduce world suffering? Or is there a way to avoid burnout?

Leaders and changemakers dedicated to pursuing social change are often the first ones to experience burnout. Those committed to taking care of everyone and everything tend to neglect themselves and hit the wall. Time after time.

Davida Ginter has interviewed changemakers and social change experts around the world on their personal experiences, leadership, mindfulness and entrepreneurship. This book sheds light on the growing phenomenon of burnout and its root causes and offers comprehensive guidance, approaches and tools in cultivating personal and social wellbeing.

From the foreword by Casey Fenton, founder of CouchSurfing:
This book carries with it one of the greatest and liberating gifts, not just for leaders, but for people from all walks of life: It gives us all permission to talk about burnout. It gives us the language we can use to feel confident about talking with other people about the challenges, the setbacks, and the feeling of being overwhelmed, so that we won’t feel alone when we need support the most.